Logic is eager to support the rapid development of Connectivity Standards in the Offsite Industry.

The computer peripherals industry of the 80s and 90s was a mess: but once the USB Standard was published by a consortium of manufacturers, everyone could concentrate of making new and exciting projects, not competing about wires.

The time has come for a similar connectivity standard — for the construction industry! For too long, modular manufacturers have had to design-and-redesign their products to accommodate unique access hatch requirements, or building layouts. It is clear that this lack of a standard is slowing offsite construction method’s adoption. It is aggravating both the US affordable housing crisis, and slowing our community’s post-Covid conversion of commercial office space.

Standards are best as opt-in, open-source, community-drive agreements. This is why it is exciting to see New York Tech’s Center on Offsite Construction Interoperability spearhead the gathering of professionals, to agree-on committees to draft the standard, and shortly to publish & test an early version.

To learn more about the developing standard see this white paper published by the Center. To support the New York Tech’s Center see this openly-published deck, and contact the director to become a member.