Our Big Idea

Logic Building Systems is reimagining how homes are built. We want to help people create places that improve their lives and our planet. This is a really big idea, developed in response to challenges that we see around us every day:

  • an affordable housing crisis
  • an environmental / sustainability crisis
  • a skilled labor crisis
  • soaring costs leading to quality compromises
  • antiquated building practices

We believe a solution to these challenges is within reach. That’s why we’re developing a high-quality collection of modular kitchen, bathroom, and utility room products that can be manufactured off-site and then seamlessly integrated into traditionally constructed building projects. This product-based approach lowers cost, increases quality, and maximizes labor efficiency for the most complex and valuable components of a home.

One Logical Solution:
Building to a Standard

We know that big ideas are best supported by simple solutions. A standard is nothing but an agreement between two parties. The construction industry has been lacking critical standards for generations

Logic’s innovative application of the Center for Offsite Construction’s Open-Source Universal Connectivity Standard simplifies the construction and installation of the most labor-intensive and functionally important rooms of the home with best-in-class modular kitchens, baths, and utility rooms.

This connectivity standard, based on the Center’s research and expert findings, provides a practical, open-source blueprint for seamlessly coupling traditionally built (onsite) and modular manufactured (offsite) components in a single home or multi-family building.

Logic’s application of this standard empowers both traditional and modular construction players to collaborate for the first time in creating better quality, more affordable living spaces to support sustainable, industry-wide growth.

Our Core Focus

Logic is leading the nation in the innovations that help unlock the potential of designers, architects, and developers using offsite manufacturing. By fostering collaboration between onsite and offsite construction, we can:

  • Improve outcomes for end users
  • Reduce costs and time to market (by up to 30% each)
  • Measure and mitigate embodied carbon
  • Reduce labor costs and increase workforce efficiencies
  • Decrease material waste

“We can’t continue to build the way we have for the last 100 years and expect different results. Logic’s combination of approaches promises to be very different. Their modular, offsite manufactured solutions can help make comfortable and eco-friendly housing available to millions of people around the world, and thousands closer to home. Their software-oriented delivery system promises to enable smart builders to realize more homes, with less toil. It’s exciting, but not at all surprising, to see this new venture starting right here in Vermont.”

Jacob Smith
Seed Investor & Advisor

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