Multi-family Housing

Multi-family housing — townhouses, apartment buildings, duplexes — features separate units contained with in one building. LOGIC is excited to bring modular products to this space because we believe it will be the most sustainable and desirable building type in the 21st Century.

Sustainability: Multi-family housing requires less energy to heat because of shared walls between units. It features the same maintenance practices for each unit, saving on materials and labor. It also contains a common physical plant for energy efficiency.

Desirablility: This kind of housing provides the benefits of community. In some buildings, residents enjoy shared outdoor spaces, such as play areas and gardens, as well as indoor resources such as activity rooms or lobby spaces.

LOGIC is thrilled to solve the developers’ biggest multi-family housing problem — how to make these efficient buildings faster and less expensively to meet the needs of their communities.

Modular for Multi-family

Mass-customized modular kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms speed up the building of multi-family housing in three ways.

First, designers can speed the design and documentation of a building by relying on mass-customized modular products for their detailing and specification.

Second, developers can move quickly, installing the same kind of units over and over again. Additionally, modular products don’t need branch plumbing and electric inside an apartment unit.

Third, builders can get started on the project’s the core and shell while we manufacture modular kitchens and bathrooms off site, halving the construction time for their project.

At right: Renderings from the LOGIC lab on how to stack modular kitchens and bathrooms for multi-family housing.

LOGIC’s Sweet Spot

LOGIC modules are designed to give multi-family housing developers the velocity they have been asking for.

We are uniquely positioned to deliver the right modular products because we have a long history of working with these developers. They are our long-time friends and colleagues. And, we have designed our first products based on their needs.

Furthermore, we are passionate about how multi-family housing can revitalize downtown areas, and provide sustainable lifestyles for our communities.

Our Installation Process

LOGIC is developing an easy to use app for ordering, tracking, and installing your modules — all in a fraction of the time it would take for tradespeople to construct your kitchens and bathrooms on site. Contact us for a preview of the app today.

Installer Match

Through LOGIC’s bespoke app, you will have the tools you need to create a detailed order and to track its progress. At the end of the ordering process, you can use the app to select the LOGIC Authorized Installer, who best suits the needs of your project.


Site visit

Your LOGIC Authorized Installer will meet with your builder at your building site to determine delivery routes, and analyze other installation logistics. At every step, the installer will prepare your building project to benefit from the best off-site practices.


Installation day

LOGIC Authorized Installers will lead the delivery and installation of the modules using our templated system. Then they will hook up all connections and validate the system for safety. Your LOGIC modules can be up and running that same day.