Jason Van Nest, Co-founder and CEO of LOGIC Building Systems

Jason Van Nest

Co-Founder & CEO

Jason is an architect, educator, tech wonk, design strategist, and team leader. Here’s a few things you should know about him:

  • Jason is a licensed architect in New York City. His research and teaching explore how evolving technologies are changing the way architects simulate and represent their work.
  • He was named an Associate Professor of Architectural Technology in 2017 and has taught at the Yale School of Architecture and other institutions.
  • He has consulted about technological adoption issues (for architects, contractors, and owners) with Mobilis Modeling, AP3D, and Gridley.
  • When not working with AEC professionals, he collaborates with artists (usually) associated with the MacDowell Colony to promote artistic fellowship.
  • Jason earned his Masters of Architecture from Yale University and has a BS in Architecture from Georgia Tech.
  • He has helped build over fifty homes with the Atlanta Chapter of Habitat for Humanity.